Critical Illness Protection

family picCritical Illness Plans will pay out on diagnosis of specific illness within a qualifying list; the main claim areas are Cancer, Heart attack, & Stroke as well as many other illnesses. It should be noted that not all plans cover the same illnesses so it is important to ask advice in these areas and have a plan recommended to your specific needs. Some plans offer Total Permanent Disability (TPD) which means if you are totally permanently disabled from either an accident or illness and the damage is irreversible then the plan will become payable even although the cause may not be on the defined list of illnesses. Some companies also include protection for children's illnesses within their plan. It should noted that we are independent and able to deal with all, including specialist providers to tailor the plan to your specific needs and occupation, excellent claims payment, plans covering a comprehensive list of illnesses and conditions are paramount to our recommendations.  

There are different definitions of Total Permanent Disability (TPD) which are associated with your occupation so independent advice should be so taken to maximise your protection.

Terminal Illness will pay out the sum insured provided you are diagnosed with an illness which is terminal and you are likely to die within a given period, (normally 12 months). No claim is normally paid if the diagnosis is made near the end of the plan. One very common misconception we come across is clients mistaking terminal illness for critical illness. Terminal illness is often added to Term Life Insurance plans free of charge. Please do not confuse these as they arevery different.

Recently Graeme Moyes, (Virgin Trains Driver Edinburgh) called me to say how grateful he was for the advice he received from us. Unfortunately Graeme suffered a severe stroke some time ago, his critical illness plan paid out the full amount. This has enabled him to do things which may not have been possible without the critical illness claim. Please read Graeme's Testimonial.

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