Protecting You And Your Family


  • Long Term Illness

  • Heart Attack

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

  • Death

We all know people who have suffered some of the above mentioned Illnesses, however what if this was your diagnosis last week, how would you or your family cope with the monthly bills and expenses? Invariably we all have the need for financial protection at some point throughout our lifetime. Whether it's protection of income in the event of sickness or long term disability, or insuring that our debts would be repaid and, more importantly, that our families would be provided for in the event of a premature death or the onset of a serious illness.

What makes our advisers different?

We are not only independent advisers working from the whole of the market, but are also specialists working within the UK rail network so we know your job and the general state of health you require to maintain that employed position, especially if you require a Personal Track safety certificate (PTS) to perform your work duties. We select a specific plan to match you and your needs so that in the event of a claim you have the highest possible chance of a claim being paid.

Occasionally we do come across people who have chosen to set up their own protection arrangements through the internet. These sites only provide a limited amount of information on the company you are insuring yourself with but do not provide the advice on what level or type of cover is most suited. Nor do they provide the facility of placing the plan into trust which would ensure a swift pay-out on a successful claim. Whilst most advisers charge a fee for setting up the trust we ensure there are no additional costs for accessing this service. You really need to ask - "Would anyone buy something as important as the financial security and welfare of their family, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, without taking advice if they really thought about it?"

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